Boost Employee Participation in Corporate Training with Online Virtual Classroom Software

Most companies regard the employees on their payroll as their most important and valuable resource. These staff members devote their time, intelligence, and talent to ensuring their employers achieve their organizational goals. The corporate enterprises, on their part, do everything they can to retain them. However, the companies are aware that offering their employees a good pay check is not enough.

They recognize the need to help them with their professional development through proper corporate training. Taking this step even improves their employees’ efficiency in carrying out their official duties. The companies also see an increase in their revenue and after-tax profits when they have trained employees in their organizational workforce.

Why use online virtual classroom software platforms for corporate training?

Companies are generally not too keen on using traditional classroom lectures to conduct corporate training sessions. The top officials of these corporate enterprises consider it to be a waste of time and money. The employees often find classroom sessions monotonous and boring. Most of them do not get the flexibility to learn at their convenience. As a result, they cannot balance their training and their professional commitment to their employers. Moreover, the employees do not get the opportunity to apply what they learn in real workplace scenarios. This is why companies are now willing to operate the latest e-learning software platforms to conduct their corporate training sessions and execute simulation training for their employees.


An online virtual classroom software platform refers to a tool that facilitates real-time live video-conferencing. It contains specific in-built features allowing audio-visual transmission between the instructor and students attending the e-learning sessions. As a result, they do not have to meet face-to-face in a physical location. Companies are using this software platform to conduct corporate training sessions for the following advantages:

  • Costs of hosting an online e-learning system is a fraction of the amount they spend on traditional classrooms,
  • Their employees can participate in the webinars with their colleagues from any remote location,
  • Encourages greater engagement among employees to the lessons their instructors are imparting,
  • The employees can easily adjust their studies with their work schedule with this form of e-learning,
  • Employees can take online quizzes on the platform to revise and assess their aptitude on the lessons,
  • Their employers and instructors can get instant feedback on how employees perceive the online corporate training sessions,
  • The corporate training course material can be instantly updated to meet current industry standards, and
  • Employees can use numerous audio-visual graphics, tutorial videos, and interactive applets to study their lessons.

The use of online virtual classroom software platforms enables companies to boost employee participation in their corporate training sessions. The participants attending the online classes find it both engaging and fun. However, the companies need to install and operate the right e-learning systems to get the desired results. The software platforms they select should have certain essential built-in features. These include the latest live video-conferencing tools, participation controls, digital whiteboards, instant messaging, and sub-chat facilities. There should be modules that record the live sessions, which the employees can use for future references. Above all, the platform should secure end-to-end encryption between the companies, their employees, and instructors. This prevents any form of unauthorized access and secures the critical business information of the company too.