Get Safe and Convenient Non-Invasive Vasectomy near Me

Vasectomy is the only form of permanent male contraception in the world. If you and your partner no longer wish to have any more children in the future, it is prudent to get this procedure done with a Board-certified and skilled urologist. However, before you undergo the vasectomy procedure, you first must understand the difference between non-invasive and conventional vasectomy.

Non-invasive vasectomy near me and its difference from the conventional procedure

Please search for a non-invasive vasectomy near me clinic that offers you good doctors and a clean environment. You should also be educated on the difference between the no-scalpel, also known as the non-invasive vasectomy, and the conventional vasectomy to start with-

During the conventional vasectomy, two incisions are made in your scrotum to allow your doctor to reach the vas deferens (these are the two tubes that transmit the sperm into your semen).

There are no incisions made in the body during the no-invasive or no-scalpel vasectomy, also called the keyhole vasectomy. Instead, the doctor will use a hemostat that is a locking forceps with a sharp tip to make a puncture in the skin of your scrotal sac. This skin is spread only to that extent to see the vas deferens. The puncture in the body is very small and made through your skin. Generally, there are no stitches needed as the healing period is quick.

When you compare the non-invasive vasectomy procedure to the conventional approach, you will find it less invasive and faster. The total time taken for preparation and anesthesia is about 15 to 20 minutes.

Benefits of the non-invasive vasectomy

Non-invasive vasectomy has the following advantages

  • Men are satisfied with their sex lives
  • Get back to sexual intercourse after the procedure
  • Faster time for recovery
  • Few or lesser complications after the procedure
  • Nominal pain after the procedure
  • It has a positive psychological effect on men
  • There are no stitches or scarring
  • There is a reduced risk of infection
  • Reduced chances of bleeding complications
  • It does not reduce your drive for sex
  • Highly effective

Costs of the procedure

Generally, vasectomies are affordable when compared to other surgeries. However, you will be charged for the initial consultation with your doctor along with your follow-up visits to the clinic for the analysis of your semen. However, once you have incurred these upfront costs for the procedure, there are no costs for you to maintain a contraceptive procedure.

You will find that non-invasive vasectomy near me is covered by several private health insurance plans when it comes to insurance. However, make sure you speak to your insurance healthcare provider for details. In case you do not have insurance, the vasectomy costs will depend upon the location and the clinic you choose. The procedure’s average costs range from $500 to $1000, whereas some clinics might bundle all of the costs into a single price, or they might charge each phase separately. Make sure you speak to the clinic and doctor to plan the costs before you undergo the procedure.