LipoMelt Pro is the most effective and powerful non-invasive body contouring system

One of the fastest-growing types of health maintenance has been non-invasive physique. The most reliable and efficient non-invasive body concealer device obtainable in its class today is LipoMelt Pro.

The Ultimate Light and Trifecta Light are among the most successful & most effective non-invasive body shaping devices on the market. We have safe and health-friendly units. They deliver great outcomes, from the 1st session any patient undertakes. Our units offer the shortest sessions to patients with great effectiveness, which helps quickly and efficiently achieve target outcomes. This lets the business owner continue with the maximum amount of back-to-back sessions possible in given time spans. The working hours without interference for practitioners, and also have outstanding outcomes that optimize happy patients referral to others and thus create a solid income over months and years.

The LipoMelt Pro units functionally use more advanced LEDs of the 3rd Generation. Both 635 nm and the 880 nm wavelength ranges are functional for our units. The devices are USA-made and so are power produced by German LED diodes. With intensive innovation, state-of-the-art design makes our devices probably the most powerful tools available anywhere on the planet in their class.

With the LipoMelt Pro systems, business operators have the ability to shape, slim and tone the body areas the patients want, in a seamless way. To target specific areas inside the body, including those that are challenging, like the thighs, hips, waist, upper legs, shoulders, arms and abdomen, we develop dedicated pads with suitable form, size and (flexible) shapes.