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The Caliber P-3600 NAVIGATION system is precisely calibrated. It is an easy to use GPS navigation unit. The caliber P-3600 Navigation system includes a 3.5 inch wide screen color LCD touchscreen.

This Caliber P-3600 GPS navigation system gives good voice directions also it gives audible alerts as approaching turns. And when you missed an instruction because someone was speaking with you, it is possible to touch an icon in the screen and it’ll repeat itself the last instructions. The on-screen route indicator offers you an idea of what’s ahead. This way it is possible to make use of the winding roads that you will drive through and the Caliber P-3600 GPS navigation system will help you become more cautious in driving.

Two of the main choices for route choice is shortest and fastest way to reach your destination. For simple features such as zoom, with a touch on the screen the resolution changes and automatically the image enlarges for easier view. The Caliber P-3600 GPS navigation system automatically adjusts for day and night use. It helps you cut down on or adjust on sunglare and other lighting changes. And when you have made a wrong turn the GPS unit recalculates and gets you back on track.

This portable gadget GPS navigator helps you get to your destination quickly and easily. It is pre-loaded with highly detailed updated NAVTEQ street level data for america and Canada. Waas-enabled, SIRF-GPS antenna that can help you find your way to any address. And it includes multimedia functions for playing movies, MP3’s and viewing pictures for your own pleasure. And it can provide you access to 40 categories including restaurants, ATM’s, gas stations, hotels, airports, and shopping centers. There is absolutely nothing to lose with the P-3600 GPS navigation system by Caliber.

It could be an understatement to simply mark this product mp3 paw download as just convenient and versatile because this little wonder is filled with great features. It also gives you the large number of personalization options so that you can find information when and the method that you need it. The touchscreen makes keying destination easy and quick. The easy to use menu control system is packed with a Smart speller keyboard that may take one to the nearest or closest match as you type your destination. It also includes a trail mode option which lets you track down landmarks and waypoints in order to always stay on course back. And when your battery is low you may use the cigarette lighter cord and you may no longer have problems regarding with power.

The SD card has no limit in the capability you insert and contains a headphone jack aswell. And you can also update it on the Caliber website. So what more can you ask for in the Caliber P-3600 GPS Navigation system.