San Francisco Managed IT Service: Keep Your Small Businesses Safe with IT Audits

Managed IT service providers in San Francisco are third-party companies who take care of small businesses’ entire information technology operations. The qualified professionals of these corporate enterprises perform a wide range of services for their clients. These include operating cyber-security tools, executing viable business continuity strategies, and performing data backup functions. Most of these vendors even monitor their customers’ data centers and networks using cloud-technology solutions. These can be in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms. The service providers even activate emergency disaster recovery strategies during power outages or cyber-attacks. This helps to minimize the downtime of the clients’ network servers and recover lost data.

San Francisco Managed IT Service: What are IT audit functions do these service providers perform?

One of the most functions managed IT service providers in San Francisco perform for their business clients is information technology (IT) audit. It involves thoroughly examining and properly evaluating the small businesses’ entire IT infrastructure and operations. The qualified professionals of these third-party companies even closely review the policies the owners execute. This is necessary to ensure the internal security and financial control measures in place can

  • To safeguard corporate assets,
  • Maintain data integrity and prevent all kinds of data leakage,
  • Assess potential cyber-security threats to businesses’ computers and steps to avert these risks,
  • Make sure the information management policies and processes comply with specific industry-based IT standards,
  • Assess the adequacy of hardware components and software systems in their customers’ IT infrastructure, and
  • Ensure the IT control measures align with the overall organizational goals of these businesses.

The managed IT service providers appoint one of their professionals to conduct their clients’ businesses’ IT audits. This expert generally has a Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) qualification and five years of IT system trouble-shooting experience. The specialist should even be proficient in Media Access Control (MAC) and different operating systems (OS).He later appoints a team of specialists from the service providers’ employees to assist him.

An IT Auditor’s key responsibilities

Experts of reliable San Francisco managed IT service companies explain the specialist in-charge of IT audit is responsible for:

  • Determining the operational effectiveness of the internal IT control measures and ways to upgrade them,
  • Troubleshooting network security issues,
  • Responding instantly to all data security breaches in the businesses’ computer systems,
  • Testing and identifying vulnerabilities in the businesses’ IT infrastructure and formulating suitable counteractive strategies,
  • Assessing and reviewing the effectiveness of application controls through proper testing,
  • Educating the owners and employees on complex technical information technology issues affecting their businesses,
  • Implementing proper security measures necessary to protect the businesses’ computer systems and data,
  • Offering suitable recommendations on how to overcome potential cyber-security threats and upgrade sufficient control measures, and
  • Develop a good understanding of how businesses’ commercial operations and computer systems work.

Specialists of San Francisco managed IT Service companies sum up saying conduct an IT audit can enable small businesses to avert cyber-attacks on their computer systems. They can get to know whether the hardware components, software systems in their IT infrastructure meet their operating needs for business growth and progress over time.