William Sherlund – Significance of Martial Arts in the Modern Times

Martial arts never fail to fascinate people of all age groups from different parts of the world. They often take-out time to watch live mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions on television. The superhuman feats of the participants of these events amaze them. Some of these individuals even take the initiative to learn Karate, Krav Maga, Judo, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, or Jiu-Jitsu. They practice martial arts as a sport, or form of physical exercise, or a hobby.

William Sherlund is a personal protection coach from America who teaches people to defend themselves in violent situations. He has several years of valuable experience in this area and has a large clientele. He is an expert in various forms of martial arts. Currently, he is the founder of the popular mixed martial arts school known as Gutter Fighting Secrets.

He initially explains that the benefits of learning and mastering martial arts techniques might not be obvious to most people. They assume the various fighting stances are a good workout routine to maintain their body weight. However, they might not be aware of some psychological reasons for learning martial arts, which are as follows:

Boosts learning abilities

Learning to execute complex fighting techniques in martial arts properly requires immense concentration. People have to focus under pressure to perform various techniques accurately and crisply. To do so, they have to replicate each of these techniques in the proper sequence many times. Only then does executing the techniques in violent confrontations become second nature to them.

Ability to resolve conflicts amicably

Practicing martial arts does not teach people to become violent contrary to what others generally believe. They only defend themselves in an unprovoked aggressive attack when there is no other alternative. In many cases, these individuals refrain from getting into physical altercations in the first place.

Goal setting and achievement

Through martial arts training, people, especially young children, learn of the importance of discipline, humility, and being patient. These attributes become invaluable to them when trying to accomplish their goals. They understand the importance of first taking steps to achieve their short-term goals. Then, they move on to the long-term ones. At every milestone, they conjure the mental agility to strive harder to succeed.


Most people who come to learn martial arts for the first time generally have low self-esteem. Many of them are victims of brutal physical attacks or bullying by aggressive perpetrators. However, they soon become aware of their abilities through rigorous training on the proper execution of various fighting techniques. They overcome their fears of how to react when coming across violent situations. This helps to increase their self-confidence over time.

William Sherlund sums up by saying learning martial arts can enable people to become better human beings. During practice fights, they learn to respectful and humble to others around them. These include their instructors, opponents, and classmates. They develop the discipline of not to react instantly in violent provocation and resolve conflicts amicably. They only resort to self-defense as a last resort. The ability to defend themselves in violent confrontation even helps them to boost their self-confidence and self-worth.